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What if Inner Critic

could become


This simple shift in perspective can be life-changing.

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Sound familiar?

·      You feel overwhelmed by toxic thoughts.

·      You’ve been feeling stuck in a dead-end career and miserable at the thought of spending every day until you retire in a job that you hate.

·      You desire to be more in control.

·      You wish you could tackle your negative thoughts in a different way.

·      You want to feel more energized… and ready to take ACTION!

I almost lost my mind and my wellbeing. I used to feel overrun by trains of thoughts that had harmful impact on my health, work and relationships.

Let me tell you how I got from the cusp of burnout to the point where I now feel aligned, confident, at peace, with a healthy and empowering inner dialogue.

First, I started nurturing and transforming my self-talk.

Because of how this method of self-nurturing transformed my life, I wanted to share that gift with other people struggling under similar circumstances.

I started helping people 1-1, and in small groups, to manage their thoughts in a healthy, integrative and effective way.

Now, I want to teach you to do it yourself.

Imagine if…

… you could pause and handle your monkey mind, the mind chatter,

the inner battles that overwhelm, stress, and drain your vital energy and wellbeing?

…you could have a fluid, nonjudging, light and empowering relationship with your thoughts and self-talk?

How would you savor life if you had effective and integrative tools to manage your thoughts?

Instead of trying to hide, push away or ghost your thoughts… get:


Healthy Owned Self-Talk
  • Essential on the path of self discovery. HOST helped me to understand some fears and thoughts at this stage of my life. The proposed exercises allowed me to have greater clarity and feel calmer. I found other ways to deal with my thoughts, and other choices of how to do it. What I received exceeded the investment I made! HOST is wisdom for life!

    Testimonial about how HOST is essential on self discovery and personal change

    Joana B.

    From Portugal

    Here’s What You'll Get...

    Module zero of HOST program to deal better with Inner Critic and make it an Asset

    Module Zero

    The Foundations

    Here we'll set the Foundations. Includes quotes, stories, Operating Principles to align, Attitudes to apply, and the HOST Framework/Roadmap.

    ✔ Get an alternative empowering perspective about your thoughts!

    ✔ Feel the safety of having a proven Roadmap with HOST guidelines.

    ✔ Regain the Hope and the Motivation you had lost.

    Module One

    Raising Awareness

    Get step-by-step exercises to reduce stress, relax and connect within, to create and access your Inner Safe Space. Learn how to identify biases, assumptions and beliefs in your thoughts and thinking patterns. Discover your body's unconscious signals to establish a whole new level of communication!

    ✔ Raising awareness about the way your thinking happens.

    ✔ Increase your ability to act wisely instead of just reacting on auto pilot mode.

    ✔ Feel more relaxed and self-connected to handle your thoughts.

    Module one of HOST program for Raising Awareness about Thoughts and Inner Dynamics, reconnecting within and relaxing
    Module 2 of HOST

    Module Two

    Connecting and Integrating

    Exclusive Questions and Exercises Toolbox! Designed to help you identifying, aligning and teaming up with the different thoughts, concerns, previously-called-weaknesses and strengths inside you. Identify inner dynamics and thought's "voices". Learn how to act from a mindful powerful intention! Gather, align and guide or coach your inner team.

    ✔ Pacify your mind and your heart.

    ✔ Know that there’s nothing wrong with you.

    ✔ Shine a light on what really matters to you.

    Module Three

    Transforming and Elevating

    Questions Packs and Step-by-Step Exercises. Get new perspectives, insights and open paths to create empowering actions for a new and savored life with less stress, more peace of mind and more happpiness and alignment!

    ✔ Gain more certainty with inside information about your thoughts.

    ✔ Improve your autonomy and self-confidence.

    ✔ Feel more in control, committed and supported to take action!

    Module 3 of HOST to transform your thoughts, self talk and feel more happiness, joy, peace

    I was looking for an online program to learn how to deal with my thoughts in a healthier way. I wanted to do it on my own, and with the little time I've available between my job and my family. HOST has given me precisely what I needed. Now I've tools to better understand and manage my thoughts effectively and in a healthy way.

    André S.

    From Portugal

    " We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. "

    ~ atributted to Albert Einstein

    ​✔ Science backed and/or Evidence-based Self-Applied Exercises, Methods, Practices, and Questions to Guide Your Thoughts (value $297)

    ​✔ Step by Step Instructions (Value $297)

    ✔ HOST Framework Walkthrough (Value $297)

    ✔ Curated Hand-picked Content from 12+ practice years (priceless...)

    ✔ And 5 Bonuses more! Discover them below.

    Total Value: $1182

    Limited Time Only: $47

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    João is proposing us to take a journey of self awareness and tackle patterns that seem to trigger and limit our perceptions, thoughts and choices. Using our senses and self-talk in a practicle way, we open up to a field of various possibilities to discover, create and savor life with more choices! Discovering and applying what suits us in a more aligned way, on each situation.

    Testimonial about how HOST can help you feel more aligned and at peace by managing your thoughts

    Kathy P.

    From Canada


    Average Rating by

    João's clients over

    the last 10 years


    Disciplines Combined (NLP,

    Generative work, Coaching,

    Mindfulness, and more!)


    (and counting)

    Social Media Reach


    Years of Experience

    as a Coach, Facilitator,

    and Leaders Trainer.


    On Your Schedule

    Optional Live Q&A's

    And there's more! Here are the BONUSES available now:

    101 questions to discover, challenge, guide and nurture your thoughts into a positive and empowering self talk

    Bonus 1

    101 Powerful Questions to Develop Your Self-Talk Hosting Skills

    Discover, Challenge, Reorient and Guide Your Inner Dialogue.


    Powerful Questions Lead To Empowering Answers! Grow your self hosting skills with these backpocket questions for different occasions and thoughts.

    Bonus 2

    3 Reality Checking Filters

    Verify, Deconstruct, Reframe and Rebuild your perception of reality.

    3 Methods to question and fact-check your interpretations and thoughts to serve your better.

    3 techniques of reality check to question your thoughts, assumptions, biases, beliefs
    GreenLight 5PQ method to discover what each thought wants

    Bonus 3

    GreenLight 5PQ Method

    Discover the hidden intention behind each thought in your mind.

    In five questions or less!

    Bonus 4

    HOST GreenLight Community for Lifelong Learning

    Join an online community of soul and like-mind people who want to learn, share and support each other to savor life with a healthy owned self-talk.

    HOST GreenLight online Community for lifelong learning and enriched sharing and growth
    Unique limited time bonus of HOST: Lifetime access

    Bonus 5

    Lifetime Access and Updates

    Access HOST anytime! Forever!
    Redo the program, come back to remember a specific exercise, or to pick up where you've paused.
    Get the coming updates with the integration of feedback from all the HOST Pioneers!

    * This bonus will most likely disappear soon. Grab it while it's still here.

    I've consciously selected and will be curating what's packed in HOST. For you to become your own Self-Talk Host, and be able to transform, create and nurture a Healthy Owned Self-Talk.

    If we would work 1:1, my fees would start at $250 per session.

    I understand most working folks won't invest that kind of money in themselves, which is part of why the price of HOST is what you'll pay here (and only here).

    The value of everything you'll get in this program is $1182 but

    for a LIMITED TIME you'll only invest...


    ✔ Science backed and/or Evidence-based Self-Applied Exercises, Methods, Practices, and Questions to guide your Self-Talk (Value $297)

    ​✔ Step by Step Instructions (Value $297)

    ✔ HOST Framework Walkthrough (Value $297)

    ✔ Curated Hand-picked Content from 20+ study years (priceless...)

    BONUS: 101 Powerful Questions for Hosting Self-Talk (Value $97)

    BONUS: 3 Adapted Methods for Checking Your Perception (Value $97)

    BONUS: GreenLight 5PQ Method (Value $97)

    BONUS: Online Community for Mutual Support (priceless...)

    BONUS: Lifetime Access & Updates (priceless...)

    Total Value: $1182

    Yours for just $47

    Transform your Mindset Now

    You can surely count on João to guide you.

    And you know why? Because he cares.

    He deeply cares. You can see through him. And that is a rare and fine quality... 

    Uniquely skillful, yet humble and simple, he will handle your challenges with honesty, commitment and heart. Lots of heart. Another rare and fine quality present in this wonderful professional and human being.

    Teresa S.

    from Portugal

    Yellow! My name is João.

    I’ve spent the last 21 years learning around the world about human behavior and psyche. I continue learning still for my own development and for my clients healing, learning and growth!

    I hit the "lowest" point in my life in 2016. In just 4 months I found myself without work, without a home, without a love life partner.

    I got into a dark place and got conscious about doubting and judging myself, loosing trust and sense of self-worth, to the point I felt beaten, depressed and in burnout.

    I made (still see myself making) my Way through that. I wrote my first book and created highly valued programs like the GTW walking retreat and this HOST program.

    I created HOST because I wanted to help people who are feeling drained from their inner battles, powerless, exhausted or close to burnout.

    I started pulling together all the content, methods, techniques, practices from multidisciplinary approachs I learned and practiced.

    From Mindfulness, Non-Violent Communication, Coaching, Neurolinguistic Programming, Psychology, Leadership, Transformational Linguistics, Generative Trance, Improvisation Theatre, and more. Baby HOST was born! :)

    Since then, HOST has helped people like you to achieve inner peace, better understading about their thoughts, positive change in their lifes, improved and healthier relationships with themselves, their bodies and other people, higher self-esteem and sense of self-worth, stronger confidence, and more.

    YES! I’m ready to take control of my thoughts.

    Buy it, apply it, enjoy it.

    14-Days No Questions Asked Refund

    Hey...  I understand. I grew up in a small village. My mom and dad were careful about investing their money. When they bought something, they wanted to feel assured about the benefit(s) they would get. That's why I share descriptions and FAQs about what you get and what HOST can do for you.  I'm confident you'll have the tools you need to be skilled and able to manage and guide your thoughts. You're in for a treat!
    You’ll have 14 days to put in practice the first content of HOST. If after you wholeheartedly applied it, and before the end of the 14th day after purchasing, you want a refund because you're NOT 100% satisfied... just send us an email to [email protected] . We'll ask zero questions. But if you've feedback to share we’ll gladly welcome it!

    HOST is NOT for you if you…


    • Want a "magic bullet/formula", "something to do your work for you" kind of approach. No judgement here. With or without HOST, I believe there're actions only you can do for yourself. HOST will help with your inner work.

    • Want to ONLY understand, know why some thoughts and self-talk happen the way it happens. Or rationalize, theorize, continuing stuck in analysis-paralysis. Hey... we all have our time. It's ok if you need to analyze now. When your time will come, you'll know.

    • Are caught up in the "excuses spiral" from which it has been hard to get out. To transform & adapt. To create better decisions and relationships. To savor life! Just be aware of how long have you been "there". Also, of what it will cost you (not monetarily) to continue "there".

    • Want to be right. Deep down you want to continue dealing with your thoughts the way you've been. You're ok with that and the way you're living. Even if sometimes things don't go your way, or happen the way you expected.

    BUT, if you’re

    • Ready for Transformation
    • Curious and/or Open-minded
    • Committed to help yourself
    • Looking to learn more about thoughts, patterns and other human dynamics
    • Willing to challenge, and even replace, some assumptions and beliefs you were told and aren't serving you anymore...

    Then join us now. :)

    Why Now? 


    In just a few minutes practicing HOST each day, you could have more clarity,

    peace of mind and a Healthy Owned Self-Talk.

    If you've made it this far, I think you’re ready to do things differently.

    You’re ready 

    to let go of the old paradigm of bad vs good thoughts.

    You’re ready

    to create a sustainable healthy relationship with yourself and your thoughts.

    You’re ready

    to upgrade your Self-Talk, without spending thousands to work with someone 1:1.

    ✔ Science backed and/or Evidence-based Self-Applied Exercises, Methods, Practices, and Questions to guide your Self-Talk (Value $297)

    ​✔ Step by Step Instructions (Value $297)

    ✔ HOST Framework Walkthrough (Value $297)

    ✔ Curated Hand-picked Content from 20+ study years (priceless...)

    BONUS: 101 Powerful Questions for Hosting Self-Talk (Value $97)​

    BONUS: 3 Adapted Methods for Checking Your Perception (Value $97)

    BONUS: GreenLight 5PQ Method (Value $97)

    BONUS: Online Community for Mutual Support (priceless...)

    BONUS: Lifetime Access & Updates (priceless...)

    Total Value: $1182

    Yours for Just $47

    Grab It

    Got questions? Click the question to get the answer:

    Why is HOST so affordable?

    Because João wants more and more people to have these tools and knowledge, to feel able to manage and guide their thoughts in healthy, integrative, and enabling ways. Without the obstacle of such a program to be expensive for their wallet.

    Also, because João’s time is limited. So he can't reach as many people as he wants to help just with individual sessions, or even group sessions like his signature program GreenLight Transformation Walk.

    How much time do I need to go through HOST?

    As little or as much as you like. With HOST you can start, pause, and resume later. Doing at your pace, according to your availability. Also, you can select specific practices and exercises to apply in specific contexts and self-talk moments. Some might take up to 40min and others just 4-5min. You'll have options to adapt to your reality! Want to redo the program? Be my guest. Be your HOST. 😉 You can redo it anytime to deepen your practice and skills. We strongly recommend you do this!

    By buying HOST self-paced, no. Will you get the chance to be hosted and have your growth path facilitated by João? Yes, if you customize your purchase with the One-Time-Offer of HOST GROWTH PRIVATE GROUP, at the end of checkout. With this addon, you’ll be invited to join a cohort with 12 like-minded souls who want a safe online space to look deeper, to go beyond the superficial, with closer & intimate support + guidance, on an accelerated growth path for a Healthy Owned Self-Talk! 😊 Note: you can always separately hire João. Schedule here a free Alignment Meeting to see if you and João are a good fit.

    For how long will I have access to HOST?

    Forever(!), if you bought HOST when the Lifetime Access Bonus was still available (specifically written on Bonuses list). If "Lifetime" was not specified on the Bonuses list, then just for the time specifically written on this page.